Ticket for Ladies +2

A Goddess needs an entourage. Bring your own at special price. Two better than one. Companions (male or female, submissive or not) will share the same benefits of the Lady.



Access to Femdom Gala on Friday and Saturday. Includes the access to all activities and workshops.

Finger Food. Delicious Greek and International cuisine finger food will be available.

Water and Soft Drinks. All you can drink, as long as it’s not alcoholic. Alcoholic drinks will be available at the bar.

One Raffle Ticket. Our Raffle will happen on Saturday evening and you will get one free ticket and the option to buy additional ones.

Awards Ceremony.

Advertisement in local media for sessions (50 EUR one time). If you are planning on accepting session requests, we will take care of your advertisement for the local markets. Please contact ahead of time to guarantee the best results.