Venue of Athens Femdom Gala

The Omega Compound

The Omega Compound provides a safe and secure environment to indulge your kinks with over 350 m2 inside and more than 1000 m2 outside, constantly being updated.

A kinky temple for those who want to live out their fantasies, The Omega Compound is a lavish space that offers hourly sessions and fetish vacations.

The Omega Compound features many different rooms, each designed to cater to a specific kinky fetish. These include luxurious vintage living rooms, real prison cells, medical clinic rooms, red punishment chambers and more.

Where The Omega Compound differs from other commercial dungeons is on the inside, but where exels is in the outside, with a large outdoor area with multiple possibilities, access to the cells, cages of different sizes and even an authentic throne made of marble.

Whoever visits The Omega Compound will come back many more times, since it is impossible to discover and enjoy all its possibilities with just one visit.

Let your imagination fly in a unique environment that merges your desires and wishes with reality.

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The Omega Compound

The Rooms & Play Areas

The Outdoor Area

More than 1,000 square meters, totally open and ready to accommodate large groups or activities that require ample space. Available equipment includes a marble throne, several cages of different sizes, whipping posts, pillory, rotating cross, access to the prison cells, etc.

The Main Room

Draped curtains, marble floors, stylish armchairs, fireplace, large open spaces and high ceilings. Everything seems to indicate that we are in the luxurious room of a mansion. But the cages, crosses, whips, whips and paddles point in a completely different direction.

The Living Room

A relaxed and elegant room, directly connected to the main room, where you can enjoy a delicious tea served by an impeccable butler, who, perhaps should be punished for some minor fault or mistake, for which there are always canes at the reach of the hand.

The Kitchen

Just another kitchen. With what you expect to find in a kitchen. Although with some interesting additions, such as a peculiar table with a central hole and tie points. The essentials to know where you left your slave when he is not cooking for You.

The Bedroom

How important it is to get a good night’s sleep in a luxurious king size bed. Except this bedroom is used for many other activities, using the cleverly laid out adornments whose function is much more than just decorating the room. Of course, the elegant boudoir is every sissy’s dream.

The Red Room

Red is the color of passion. And of blood. Entering this room means things are going to get intense. Leave your inhibitions at the door, and learn to enjoy the pain. There is no shortage of tools to deliver that pain, such as a full suspension, a cross, or a swing in addition to multiple whips and floggers.

The Medical Room

It is incredible how that perverse nurse is capable of abusing the poor patients so much, tying them to the examination table after having kept them locked in a cage, and you wonder what a cage is doing in a doctor’s office. This is a very special clinic as you will soon find out.

The Bathroom

A marble bathroom with real wood furniture could not be missing in a luxurious environment. A water area where you can take much more than simple showers.

The Prison

You will be able to experience being locked up in a real prison, with cells of different sizes and in different locations. Some of them are outdoors, hot in summer and cold in winter. It can’t be otherwise. You are just a prisoner. But if you blindly obey the warden, maybe she will allow you to sleep in a more comfortable cell.

Official Venue of Athens Femdom Gala 2022

The Omega Compound


No matter where you are in the city, Omega is the perfect place for you to visit. It’s discreet, yet close to everything. Only 25 min away from the airport and from the center of Athens, easy to reach with its discreet parking.

Omega meets all your needs for discretion, complete equipment and availability, whether for private sessions, parties or filming.