Athens Femdom Gala

Much More Than Just Another Fetish Event

The Athens Femdom Gala is an exclusive and unique event hosted by Mistress Alexandra, one of the most prominent figures in the Femdom community.

It was held for the first time in 2022 and is designed to bring together some of the best professional Dominatrixes from around the world, while making available all kinds of interesting classes and workshops.

All in an atmosphere of absolute Female Supremacy but relaxed and friendly for novices and experienced slaves alike.

This event is all about Female grace, domination and Female sadism and debauchery. To be at the mercy, to feel the dominance of real Ladies, to be subjugated, used and dominated

In this event the will and lust of the Ladies is sacred. No dominant males are allowed.

Therefore, all those who want to give free rein to their drives and dreams for a lustful, passionate, playful, bizarre and excessive night are invited.

Athens Femdom Gala 2023 Join Now

Treat yourself to an unforgettable weekend at the Athens Femdom Gala! This is a one-of-a-kind event where you can spend a long weekend with some of the most charismatic and powerful Ladies you’ll ever encounter. This event will cater to both beginners and experienced practitioners of FemDom. No matter which side you fall on, you’re guaranteed to have a great time!.

Athens Femdom Gala Editions

Femdom Gala Official Venue

The Omega Compound

Far away from the curious eyes but yet close to everything, Omega graters all the discreetness that you need without having to leave the comfort of the city.


The Omega Compound’s exact location will be disclosed in time for the arrival to be organised, but for privacy reasons it is not made openly public.

Only 25 min away from the airport and from the center of Athens, easy to reach, with a discreet parking.

The Omega Concept

A non conventional dungeon, a Temple of Godesses, where every kinky fantasy can live under the same roof. A massive play space, over 300 square meters that remind you of a small castle and 2.000 square meters outdoors. There is nothing you can dream about and not make it reality.

The Omega Passion

The sizeable Omega compound is suitable for sessions, filming, parties, rental or even a full vacation. The passion for BDSM can be clearly seen in each corner of Omega.

The Omega Vision

A uniquely challenging temple for those who want to live their kinky dreams, vacation or session. 7 different rooms, each one created to cover most of your kinky visions: cell, prison, medical room, latex room,  luxurious vintage living room and so much more. As for outdoors you can only imagine and can be used depending on your desire and imagination. We guarantee that Omega is a temple where you become addicted and never want to leave.

Visit The Omega Compound

The Omega Compound is not only the venue for Athens Femdom Gala, it’s also the home of several other events as well as a perfect place to film and enjoy BDSM in a safe environment.